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Friday, February 11, 2005



How can we show that our activity makes real household incomes and net worth go up faster than housing prices, making housing more affordable rather than less?

How could we show that our activity reduced crime in specific areas. Could we sell that service to governments?

How can we show that we bring money & jobs into the local economy?

How can we show that our activities cause overall quality of life to go up in our neighborhoods?


How can we further reduce unemployment in our target area?

Where could we get real unemployment data for zipcodes such that we could track what impact we have had on unemployment already?

How can we legally cause undocumented immigrants to create wealth for themselves and us?


How can we get the other owners to borrow against their equity and beautify their properties?

How could we enroll tenants in visibly improving the neighborhood?

How do we get graffiti painted over (immediately) for free?

How do we get beautiful murals painted on walls and buildings for free?

How can we get internet cafes, restaurants, and bookstores to locate themselves in our target neighborhoods?

How can we get business owners to upgrade their facades?

How do we get other investors in our target area to (deliberately) cooperate with us?

How could we get the neighbors to plant and maintain trees and flowers?

How could we get free reliable clean housesitting?

How can we create peace and respect and good positive feelings between different groups that in the past have seen each other as enemies?

How can we get gangs to take pride in making the neighborhood better?


How could we get the cars off the street (in places where it's hard to park)?

How could we improve safety?

Could we cost effectively put security systems and security lights in all our houses, and webcams on all our front porches?

How could we enroll the neighbors in making sure our places don't get broken into?

How can we get our target area recommended in an international guidebook for tourists?

How else could we get the residents to be really proud of their neighborhood?

How do we make our neighborhoods smell good?

How can we make it so flowers are seen everywhere?

How can we establish visual themes for each neighborhood, so there is a sense of architectural continuity?


How can we make it profitable to put solar panels on our roofs?

How can we make it profitable to conserve water in all our houses?

How could we reduce the air pollution in our target area?

How can we reduce the impact our painting has on the environment?

Is there less poisonous paint we could use?

How can we use earthfriendly materials in all stages of the fixup process?

How can we get light rail or electric trams to serve our neighborhoods, connecting to metro stations?

How can we get trucks and cars to switch from regular diesel to biodiesel?


Where can we get the crime statistics for each zipcode updated on a monthly basis?

Can we get the actual dates and addresses of murders, burglaries, etc, from police records?

How can we get monthly air pollution data for each zip code or neighborhood?


Where can we get a list of houses for sale by owner in our target area?

How can we get more off the market deals, and more clients for our agents?

How can we get HUD (and their contract agent Golden Feather Realty) to do their job?

How can we buy HUD properties?


How could we get the government to pay us to fix up blighted buildings and streets?

Pay business owners to upgrade facades?

How can we most effectively use redevelopment money for our fixup process?

How can we get the government to plant trees on our streets and fix potholes and clean up graffiti, or pay us to do it?

Will the government pay for upgrades to parks, such as playground equipment?

Murals on walls?


Where can we get free trees to plant on the street, and free labor to plant and water them?

How can we get Home Depot or Lowes to donate materials or invest in us?

How can we get free playground equipment to put in parks?


How can we get someone to lend us 100% of the purchase price of our properties at around 8-12% interest?


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