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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Why I think the Failing Powerfully class would be awesome

Ask yourself, how many people are failing powerfully at bringing about peace in the middle east?
In other words, how many people could tell you stories about the incredible efforts they put into it, how many would impress you with their persistence and determination in accomplishing that?

Well, I don't know any people with those kinds of stories to tell. We all want peace in the middle east, and up to this point we have all failed, but none of us failed powerfully. No applause from the class.

I'm not saying you should quit your job and work on peace in the middle east. But what would be wrong with some high school students really working their butts off on that?
And the amazing thing that happens when people stop avoiding failure is: They succeed!
Not necessarily at the BIG goal they were going for, but one's successes certainly get bigger when one's failures get bigger. That's unavoidable.
So, whereas now highschool kids (and the rest of us) often feel like they can't really make a big difference in the world, the kids in this class would be succeeding at bigger things than they ever thought possible, while failing powerfully at things even bigger than that.


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