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Thursday, January 13, 2005

What should be taught in school

I think there's two kinds of subjects that should be taught in school.

1. Specific Skills useful in jobs and survival.
A) Basic Math
B) Reading & Writing
C) Library & Secretarial skills
D) Computer skills
E) The Law
F) How to Have Satisfying Relationships
G) How to Get 100 Jobs (from Burger Flipper to Movie Star to CEO of IBM)
H) How to Make and Invest Money
I) How to Start a Successful Business
J) How to Grow Food
K) How to Survive in 100 Different Environments (from cities to deserts to rain forests)
L) Cooking
M) First Aid & CPR
N) Home Maintenance & Repair
O) Addiction & Recovery
P) Foreign Languages (Everyone should speak 4 languages fluently)
Q) Mastery of 100 Popular Sports & Games
R) Music & Rhythm
S) Art & Photography
T) Drama & Dance
U) Leadership, Management, & Teamwork

2. Whatever the kid is interested in.
Just go to the library and let the kid pick subjects they like.


  • At 10:26 pm, Blogger Reginaldo said…

    # 1 in my opinion should be music. Math and music combined the perfect linking between art and science.
    Yoga instruction at an infant even prenatal level, with an emphasis on the mother and child, and a group learning invironment that stimulates, limbic blood flow.
    The application of meditation contemplation, and the nature and power of directed intention (listening to inner dialogue), incouraging it as a technology.
    Humanities, and earth sciences for me are big on the forefront of this educational menu.
    Look at the work the heart math people are doing in regards to the relationship between the heart and brain, and intuitively in reminding the store.

  • At 12:24 pm, Blogger garsett said…

    Hi Dav,

    I started reading your blog - from the beginning. :-)

    Good ideas here.
    Let's find a way to cooperate.

    Global Federation of TeleCommunities
    The Enriching Project

  • At 3:55 pm, Blogger Satesh said…

    hey everyone! I personally feel that our curriculum is failing us as students in a numerous amount of ways. For one, The standards of expectations are far too low compared to what they could be. If they are higher, A students potential could be maximized a lot more compared to what the curriculum is doing today. Raising the standards and expectations of a student can truly make that student as an individual more intelligent and more successful in life.

    Another reason is that they fail to teach us history. George Santayana once said: “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. I believe that he is absolutely right. How can those who do not know the mistakes of the past ever hope to solve the problems of the future? In my opinion, I feel that I do not know enough of history to consider myself knowledgeable. I know that if someone asked me a question or asked me to describe a significant event or war that took place, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I think that I should if only I were taught these things in school in a proper manner. I personally don’t learn anything when a teacher says for me to answer questions in a text book. I vaguely remember some points in the book or passage that I read. If a teacher could teach history in a way that students can actually learn something from, then I feel that significant progress could be made.

    I think that a variety of other subjects should be taught along with the subjects already taught at schools so that a student can also learn other things that will benefit him in some point of their lives.


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