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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The World We Want

Universal Declaration of What We Want For Everyone

Whereas, all human beings have certain desires in common, and there is a universal tendency to strive toward these goods when they are lacking;

We hereby declare our intention to acquire for all humanity permanent access to the following rights and freedoms, thereby furthering the cause of peace and universal prosperity.

Freedom from violence or threats of violence.
Right to live under rule of law. Not to be arbitrarily deprived of property or privileges.
The ability to put aside wealth for future use.

Sufficient food, including a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Availability of natural, locally grown food free of undesirable additives or contaminants. Access to list of ingredients in processed or packaged foods.
Clean water for drinking and washing.
Sufficient exercise to maintain healthy muscles, bone, and cardiovascular system, and to prevent obesity.
Sufficient rest, medicines, first aid, psychotherapy, and other items required to maintain health and ensure speedy recovery from any readily curable illness or injury.

Clean land, air, and water, freedom from toxins and pollutants.
Preservation of natural resources and restoration of habitats which have been destroyed. Maintainance of healthy forests, rivers, lakes, wetlands, oceans, atmospheric layers, and local and global biodiversity.
Pleasant surroundings, conducive to productive lifestyles. Freedom from eyesores, visually offensive scenery, noise pollution, foul odors.

Weather-proofing, heating, cooling, lighting, air circulation, and waste disposal systems sufficient to maintain the occupants' comfort, cleanliness, privacy, and safety, including during Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Droughts, Floods, and other predictable natural events.
The ability to secure one's dwelling against unwanted entry.

Ownership of Property.
The ability to put something down, go away, and have it still be there when one returns.
The ability to safely store valuables.

Freedom to leave any place, city, country, or region, and to return. (This right may be restricted to persons of full age and those not wanted for criminal prosecution or suspected of promoting criminal activity.)

Freedom to choose with whom one associates, and to live together in mutually consensual relationships. (This right may be restricted to persons of full age.)
Freedom to leave a relationship with an individual or group and seek new associations. (This right may be restricted to persons of full age.)
The ability to meet and get acquainted with a wide variety of new people.

Freedom to express and publish one’s opinions, beliefs, values, and religion.
A sphere within which one can act free from the awareness or intervention of others.
Protection from outside surveillance.

A broad selection of productive, sustainable occupations, such that each person can match their job to their personality, talents, and inclinations. (This right may be restricted to persons of full age.)
The ability to earn sufficient income to allow regular saving. (This right may be restricted to persons of full age.)

Access to efficient and effective education and training in at least the following subjects:
First Language Literacy
Health Education, Biology, Birth Control
Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Logic
History, Civics, Law, Social Studies, Geography
Foreign Language Instruction
Psychology, Interpersonal Relationships, Negotiating, Conflict Resolution
How to Grow Food, How to Survive in the Wilderness, How to Build, Maintain, and Repair One's Home
How to Start and Run a Successful Business, How to Get a Job, How to Advance and Succeed in a Career
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
Music, Rhythm, Creative Writing, Dance
Techniques & Strategies in a wide variety of Sports and Games
Preparation for a wide variety of entry-level and advanced occupations
Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Self Reflection & Transformation
Science, Information Technology, Computer Applications

Access to wide variety of personalities, cultures, philosophies, ideologies, lifestyles, languages, landscapes, cuisines, art, literature, and opinions.

Freedom to participate fully in society and be evaluated based on performance, regardless of arbitrary personal features or group membership.

Right to vote, or otherwise participate in directing government. (This right may be restricted to persons of full age.)
Right to voice suggestions and concerns to the governing authorities, and to be listened and responded to. (This right may be restricted to persons of full age.)

Access to public records, libraries, the internet, personal and family medical records (except where this violates individual privacy).
To know the names of and to contact one's birth parents and other relatives.

Any Persons Who Are Not Able To Care For Themselves Have the Following Additional Rights

The right to be cared for, supervised, and protected at all times by at least one adult who voluntarily takes full responsibility for the person in need of care, and is accountable for their well-being.

Adolescents Ages 13+ Have The Following Additional Rights

To meet and interact with others in their age group in the context of friendship building and companionship.

To meet and interact with others in their age group in the context of dating. (Dating may be restricted to people of full age.)

Children Ages 0-13 Have The Following Additional Rights

Daily loving embraces and caresses by a parent or guardian.
Freedom from sexual molestation.

Time to play alone and with other children.
Access to a variety of child-safe toys and play experiences.
Freedom from overburdensome work responsibilities.

Gentle but firm training and guidance aimed at developing good character and encouraging felicitous social interactions.
Clear explanation of rules governing behavior.

The Not Yet Born Have The Following Additional Rights

Prenatal Care
Freedom from diseases, disabilities, and defects caused by malnutrition, substance abuse, or other unhealthy behaviors or conditions affecting fetal development.

Non-Human Lifeforms Have The Following Rights

Pain Relief
Freedom from torture, arbitrarily induced pain, or senseless killing.

Right to continue one's species. Freedom from extinction.

Conflicts arising between various rights are to be dealt with and resolved by impartial adjudication, applied evenly across all of humanity.


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