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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Suggestion for Wikipedia

It seems to me Wikipedia ought to be able to handle multiple points of view.

There shouldn't just be one entry on George Bush, for instance, there should be one Republican version, one Democrat version, a Libertarian version, a Green version, a Muslim version, a Jewish version, etc.

Users should be able to select which version of history they want to read, including fictional ones. There isn't, after all, any "true, unbiased" version. The one you have now sounds like a high school teacher wrote it. Why present that one as official? Other people's points of view are just as valid.

Offering multiple versions of the same article would make the resource vastly more useful, and would limit vandalism to posing as a member of an opinion group when in fact you belonged to an opposing group, which would be easy to nip in the bud if posters had to identify themselves with at least a screen name, because authentic members of the group would see through it immediately and expose that screen name's dastardly schemes.


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