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Friday, July 22, 2005

How to get humanity to the next level

My philosophy is as follows.

1. Sufficient raw material & energy & infrastructure & technology is available to create world peace, plus a drastic reduction in violence, disease, poverty, and crime, and a drastic increase in people's quality of life (i.e. fun, happiness, health, and creative output).

2. The reason the huge gains in global quality of life haven't occurred yet has to do with inertia in our political, economic, communications, and education systems.

3. The way to overcome this inertia, and get humanity to the next level, is to look for tipping points, or areas of high social leverage, i.e. little actions that can cause big changes.

4. The key to success is accurate comparison of cause/effect relationships, e.g. being able to predict what will happen if $1 is spent here, or here, or over here. If the model covers a wide range of causes and effects (like all the available properties one could buy, and all the possible renovation projects one could perform on those properties) then a supercharged sequence of events can be developed, yielding massive results.

5. The parameters to pay most attention to are
a) cashflow (i.e. activities that return investment quickly)
b) fun (i.e. activities worth doing for their own sake)
c) the pied piper effect (i.e. activities others will want to copy)

6. Designing and running the experiments that yield this information (i.e. which activities will have the biggest impact, fastest) is the number 1 priority for humanity.

7. Let's do it! In addition to an experiment designer (which could be me or you or anyone with a scientific mind), we need a team of 1 webscraper programmer, 1 statistician, 1 field manager, and 2-10 field workers.


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